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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much coverage do I need?

    Generally, coverage amount is based on your individual circumstances and the needs of your loved ones. Financial experts suggest you apply for a coverage amount that is 10-15 times your income. While every candidate is different, the most important part of the process is submitting the application.

    If I cancel my policy, will I get money back?

    Some policies have buy out options along with a portion of returns based on how many years the policy has been open. Other policies do not. This is a question that will be addressed by our agents before the finalization of any plan we help you obtain.

    Why is Term Life Insurance the better option?

    Term Life Insurance is more affordable by giving people more coverage for less cost. While this type of insurance does not have a cash value savings feature like Whole-Life Policies, Term Life Insurance achieves a specific goal for you and your family. That goal is to make sure your loved ones are able to manage a variety of financial challenges that may arise during unexpected life events.

    What is the lowest monthly cost for Term-Life?

    The cost of life insurance varies based on your specific situation. The monthly premium takes into account many factors such as age, health history and whether or not you consume nicotine/tobacco products. While each plan and client is different, speaking with one of our experienced agents is a good starting place to assess your needs. 

    Can I assign anyone to be a beneficiary of my policy

    While this decision is an important one, the short answer is, yes. Most people name their spouse (or partner) as the primary beneficiary and their children as secondary (or contingent) beneficiaries. 

    I already have life insurance through my work. Is that enough?

    There’s a good chance its not enough. Additionally, the coverage provided through your employer typically won’t last if you decide to leave the company.